Welcome to Lauer House

Let our cuisine take you through a journey into the colors and aromas of Greek nature!

Located at a warm and friendly nook in the center of Sarti, Lauer House aims to offer moments of relaxation and gastronomic pleasure to you and your loved ones. Ever since our beginning back in 2005 we remain committed to our one and only goal: making your day brighter by offering you tasty traditional cuisine, always prepared with the freshest local ingredients and all of our passion and dedication for cooking. In our menu, you will discover a wide variety of delicious dishes, often enriched with touches of modern cooking but never losing sight of their authentic character.

Our comfortable and cozy space is ready to welcome you daily, and our staff will do everything to make you feel right at home and stay satisfied with our services. We take our inspiration by the Mediterranean culinary tradition and the fresh, quality products gifted to us generously by our land. Everyone here at Lauer House considers our love for food and our desire to offer a complete experience the secret ingredient of our success. Enjoy our unique combination of flavors together with the unforgettable service and hospitality of our village. Your satisfaction is the best reward we could ask for!

Opening Hours

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Monday to Sunday

09:30 - 01:00 Reservation Number: (+30) 6937-274-055